Yandere-chan’s Childhood


Yandere Simulator Development Blog

I always try my best to upload a video on the 1st and 15th day of every month. However, I didn’t upload a video on June 1st. The reason is because I was visiting another city at the time…but I still feel guilty if I don’t upload at least two videos per month. So, I’ve got a video for you today!

You’ll probably recall that in my “The Reason Yandere-chan Lacks Emotions” video, I mentioned that I felt worried that I had made a bad decision by making Yandere-chan a character who lacked the ability to feel emotions. I asked the fanbase if they disapproved of this identity. I asked what type of personality they would prefer for her. I asked if it was too late to change her identity. The fanbase’s responses inspired me to add depth to the character; to expand on her early childhood…

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